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Lots of people have an interest in how the SLT restoration project is progressing, so whenever something new happens, we'll put a quick blog entry here to let you know.

Latest Plans (Dec 2014)
You'll need to download and extract the .zip file, because it's BIG.
Most recent detailed plans for the building are here.
Digital Views of the New Spaces
Our architects have provided some digital views of what the new spaces in the Old Fire Station should look like. Some notes from them follow.

These are preliminary views. In due course we can change the layout of seating etc., add more detail and provide different views. The views are not photo-realistic, but should nonetheless communicate the proportion and layout better than conventional plans.

If you have any comments please share them here.

Older Plans for Reference
Following some great feedback from a group put together by Chaz Doyle, the architects have revisited the plans for the Old Fire Station and asked us to comment on them once again.

New Old Pic
A newly-discovered old picture of the Old Fire Station. The headlines date it to early Feb 1906, a few days after the 1906 general election.
Progress update July 2013

Hello interested parties

Here’s a very brief update on progress with the building project as of July 12th 2013.

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